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About Us

Crossley Axminster is a high energy company based in Greenville, MS. Established to bring a fresh approach to servicing the American hospitality market, we combine the unique creativities of our designers with excellent customer service, providing a premier experience for our clients.

Crossley S.A., a respected South African weaver of Axminster and Wilton products since 1947, is our manufacturing partner and prime supplier. Since the beginning of our relationship, Crossley S.A. has continued a very ambitious expansion program, constantly adding new weaving capacity to keep pace with our rapid sales growth. The company maintains and manages one of the broadest and deepest ranges of loom types, widths, and technologies in the industry, and is a recognized, certified leader in matters relating to product quality, safety, and environmental standards.

Our elite sales, design, and management team is staffed by some of the most knowledgeable, talented, and experienced individuals in the industry, and is always at your disposal.

Please contact us for assistance with your next project, and experience the Artistry of our Custom Carpet.

Committed to You and Your Planet

We strive to minimize energy usage in manufacturing operations and to reduce dependency on man-made materials. At present 76% of raw materials by weight consist of natural and rapidly-renewable materials. We have introduced innovative systems to reduce and recycle. These have resulted in a 4% reduction in energy consumption used per square yard in one year, a 17% reduction in effluent volume, a 3% reduction in steam volume, and reduction of yarn waste by more than 9%.

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For inquiries about Central and South America, please contact Adriana Bale,, +54-9-11-3043-6003